Easy Coasting Vol. 3

The people of Halifax, Dartmouth, Nova Soctia are ridiculously friendly.. I love it. It's a very good thing. The T-dot communication tactics get tight doors openwide. just ask Samson, he turned a compactcarrental intoa Dodge Dakota Pick up for the same price. remember the hotel room turned suite. I can do this city more often.

I hooked up with Plaeboi at his radio show.. almost missed it due to the factthat there were no cars or taxisto take me to the station. I got in the spot and RS Smooth and Littles were doing their thing. Good to meet these folks. WE even got Plae rocking the Fuck Drex.
Got the opportunity to kick it with Plae.. itwasdope.. met a cool family member, gave me a different perspective on things. but can someone tell me why there were random acts of public urination going on 2day? and one was afemale.. itwas ona tree, i was caught in between disgust and amusement.

Samson got the whip, me and plae linkback with him and checked underground jungle. This is the spot... they have anything u want in regards to urban clothing. Skinner wassup? definitelygood peoples that are gonna own the hiphop apparel game in the east coast. Homeboys inventory iskiller. It even eats up some stores in Toronto. The spot's called Underground Jungle. Here'sthe visual....
So I was running street with the nescessity throughout Halifax, I got a crappy donair. Samson suggested it's because i never responeded to the donairgirlputting BET on when we walked in. She put Onions on afterspecific instructions to avoid lesognions. I'm disgusted so I'm gonna drink. Saw another cat taking a piss downtown. this just dont make sense to me. they just like taking pisses.

We taking the street to hit Warehouse then MErcury. That's wassup. It seems like Toronto is touching Halifax the bb messenger is going nuts.. Sackville and Spring Garden are the places to be.!!! more looks 2 morrow.

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