Easy Coasting Vol. 4

Just trying to think where i left off. Once again this is the customer service capital of Canada quite possibly. Cuz it's genuine, and coincidentally, I'm spending more $$. Crossed the bridge into Halifax from Dartmouth, cleaned up some areas and hit the UMAC showcase.. caught Eternia and then Classified.. great fans... they were singing along. Darryl Urbnet must be at home smiling.. this works towards the Juno nominations for those 2.

The show went well.. but I had to reach the spot where SFS was playing. Took a minute to get in the spot to find out it was spacious. Sometime I don't get bar owners. I almost got stopped at the door because they 'closed' guestlist @ 12. I don't play that, anyhow OG Ivan Berry and Derek fromGL Entertainment came in the spot and got us the breeze thru. After linkin
with Neil andTaboo, Neil pointed out the bouncerthat stopped me was 'Sam the Veterinarian' from the Trailer Park Boys.

Definitely a good nite.. gotta shout to Littles, StartingFromScratch, Iceberg, Danny Calgary for the jokes. More people from Toronto slid into the spot after 2. I was more than inviting to the $2.50orsomethng cheaper drinks. And now I know whatit meanswhen a ladyputs up 3 fingers, and it don't mean bowling.

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