Easy Coasting Vol. 5

2day was the commercial day.. dealing with stores and malls and learning more about Halifax shopping culture.. Did MicMac, Penhorn, Halifax Shopping Centre and West End.. as a Toronto shopper, this aint doing it. But I'm respectin the ease of pace that Nova Scotia has given me.. I'm thinking that I have 2 check this spot 1nce a year. We noticed that this is a marketers paradise.

Junofest seemed jumpin. didn't stick around that long.

Then i reached Your Father'sMoustache was off the hook .. tried to grab some food there.. therer wasa dope blues band rocking.. it took like 40 minutes to get a seat.. the vibe was a beautiful thing.. it was full of babyboomers enjoying themselves and me and the muscle had the opportunity to link up with some very friendly people.. And I think I blushed when she said we would be considered 'hot' by her 23 yr old daughter.

Big up da Haddock! Bueno!

More pics coming from 2nites combination of Matisyahu and Kardinal @ Club Rain for vol. 6 .

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