Hide n Seek w/ Smiegel

I don't go to movies, often.
Movies I like have 2 be really good like Snatch or really bad like Brasil

Got a double pass courtesy of Paramount & Z103.5 to go check out The Grudge 2. I don't know how (*sarcasm) I missed The Grudge, or even the subtitle joint (way more my direction). So, I decided I'd skip a grade and go straight to the sequel. Maybe it was because of the dope transit ads I've seen.

It was kool.. can't be mad. I'm definitely not going to go thru the play-by-play, because it was a repetitive game of hide and seek with pale-blue zombie limbs. Reminds of Lord of the Rings' Gollum in his youth, about 400 years before the Return of the King. Just think 'Smeigel' tan-less, full head of hair and just a little bit more meat on the bones. Am I reaching?

Anyhow, this movie was full of brief scary moments, usually pre-empted by a low gargle (not scary). About half way through the movie I got the idea of what's going to happen next, again and again.... A bunch of characters that I never really got to know. And just when you think there's going to be closure. Not this movie.

Worth the Scare - DVD > Theatre - I still want to visit Japan

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