It Hurts My Heart..

Stumblin online through myspace looking for the next big thing that never comes out of Canada... and I get on Young Tony's barren page. Here's the filler.

  • Crew: Deep Pockets
  • Style: Street
  • Releases: Talk of the Town Vol. 1
  • Most Known 4: Retiring before attempting to release a single.

On his page the real gems aren't the hype or photographs. Just the raps. I've heard these joints before. I love them as much now as the first time I heard it. Original style, delivery, swag, and voice shifts perspective to Anthony's world.

Shift. Sad news, via msn convo, it looks like the same emcee in mentioned was the lone survivor of a shooting, leaving Kareeme (Blits) Parks deceased, and Young Tony with a long road to recovery..

Condolences for the family of Blits and Young Tony, noone needs to deal with this type of situation. I was planning on putting 2cents to get people to bring Young Tony back 2 smash the industry, but for now, let's just let his music play.

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