Rapping, Homeless, Mayor?

If you are from Toronto, visited Toronto. and I'm not talking Scar'bro or Etobi'Coke, I'm talking Moss Park, Parkdale, CLub Strip etc.. I Know You've Seen (best Young Joc impression) him. KEVIN CLARKE.

Yes, He's running for Mayor

This former famous vagrant happens to make the blog, due to his ability to make an appearance at all the hottest, trendy, or colossal events in Toronto. Not to mention his 3rd attempt to become mayor. He's a man on a mission, now he has a DVD to raise funds for his campaign. I suggest you take a look at his snippets c/o Doc'eur, Zsolt Kovessy.

Kevin has given me plenty of jokes on Richmond, in front of Koolhaus, and even queen st., the great thing about all of this is that he has more motivation and goals recognised than plenty of the lost souls in the city going in circles. If anyone has footage of Mr. Clarke freestyling of the top, please msg me!!!!

Changing the Face of Government

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