Up Here!

Here's some goodies to rock with from my co-nationals that I think is Fire on Ice. Take these and spread the word over the wknd.

Ken Masters - Imma Be Alright
Masters has a plan and is taking it to the people with consistent music heard on all formats from radio, net, clubs, mixCDs and Podcasts. Catch him along with others nationals performing as a part of HHC's Showcase @ Importfest.


I'm talking complete package. Various voices, delivery, images on top of strong production and a really dope video. Welcome to FOUNDATION members Rochester aka JUICE, Mhedikc, Lincoln and 16 yr old phenom Jahvon.

Seazon - Back 4 My Fans
Stepped up the Game, Switched up the Plan, Changed up the Name, He's back for his Fans.
Take this one in, formerly known as Rikoshay aka Shaun Boothe (Identity Crisis over), he was very recognized as the front artists in the nationally seen 'Barbershop Show'. He has some heat coming for the new Seazon.

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