Call The Coroner..

And tell him there's no rush. Hip-Hop ain't dead.. it's just aging and has offspring.

Straight up! I heard the Nas album maybe a week ago, maybe his album is dead. I wasn't entertained, I believe I'm in a good space, as a listener. I can bump E-40 / Clipse / Trick Daddy / 80% of Dipset / Nicolay / even some Zero 7 or We Are Scientists. Shoot I'm bumpin the Gwen Stefani right now (No Yoddle) with the focus on the Keane produced track. So what makes me different?? nada.

I find I'm not going to get into the nostalgic appeal of what I used to love, because there's plenty of current good music that isn't being celebrated. We've lost the gauge of the true connoisseurs who dig for the goods. And those same music lovers were respected enough that their tastes were amplified by the people around them who felt the same way about their discoveries.

Without getting into essay format here's a list of slept on albums:

Note:Hip-Hop is not a Bunk or a Cot

Smitty - The Voice of the Ghetto:
Street Sound w/ No Regrets
Gnarls Barkley - St. Elsewhere:
Ray Cash - C.O.D.:
Lyrical x Hustle
GFK - Fishscale:
Storied Slang General
J. Dilla - Donuts:
The Legacy Continues
Lupe Fiasco - Food & Liquor:
Fresh w/ Deck & Specs

My humble recommendations, shoot even throw some of these picks to the random people who still want to buy you a present over the season. Some of these albums are not the easiest to acquire. Oh, my laziness to drop E-40's - Ghetto Report Card up there, sorry Fonzarelli.

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