I Used to Be in Love with this Chick Named....

It's that time of year... so I figured I would do a feature with people to watch in 2007 and their holiday 'Spirits'. I"m quite confident in their drinking preferences justbased on life experiences. And these people are actually sober... for now!

Nikki Bella:
She recomends Jack Daniels - All Year Round - but the truth is I stopped off last night to hang with some friends and she was quite comfortable with some chardonnay.
Pretty Jimmy:
My mediterranean friend opted to salut w/ the Johnnie Walker Green Label instead of the expected Ouzo or Sambuca.Li$$a.the.go.to.girl:
I know where she grew up so... she's allowed to come with the Rum Punch Fiasco. Mixing (no pun) with the Fernandes or Vat 19. Look out for her go.to.tapecasts.

Marlon S. Hustle:
The technical genius showed his soft spot for the home going with the Sorrel and Rum island mix. This is a must try. Homemade is the way to go... stop by your local west indian grocery and ask for Sorrel (pronounced Sore-Rell or Saw-Rell, depends on the island u from).

Simple recipe just takes an overnight soak. I suggest throwing some Wray & Nephews to taste in the mix. Or do what mom says and make that 3 weeks b4 ya drink it to get the real fermentation going on.
Drex Inkredible:
Grey Goose & Egg Nog - Holla @ Him, He's currently, making it happen as a integral lead at The Remix Project focused on providing education through the arts to at risk youths.
Mami Sunshine:
This might be one of the realest people in clubland. She's talking about laying low with the Spiced Rum & Egg Nog.. I'm not mad at that, my suggestion would be the Mount Gay brand.
Storm says ANYTHING!!

The Honourable DJ Pump:
Says Punish them, with the signature Punisher. Basically a Espresso Martini 1 going up, 1 going down w/ the suggested Van Gogh Vanilla Vodka. WanZilla is on the same page.
Peep my girl P toda Y, she suggested Raki. Straight. and Is supposedly bringin it for the holiday Extravaganzas... I'm truly scared!
In the psat week he has chased the Appleton's V/X w/ Coke and Egg Nog. And trust me.. the time just flies by. All smiles. He has no digital presence, u will have to find him in the depths of your favourite old school party sweating and doing the 'wop'!As for me...:
I get real bougie, due to the fact that I"m on the run. I have a Mint Bailey's that gets mixed in various Tim's and StarBucks cups.. Real talk.. a toasty treat try to balance those credit cards during the shopping excursions.

Hope everyone get's their drink drink on.. and travels responsibly...Ho Ho Hos

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