You Know U Saw Them on the Video.. True!

I'm a purist, I swear. Let's face it tho, the visual means so much (no pun). There's no way I'm going to run down a "Top 50", instead just drop the link to the ones typeworthy and feature my personal favourite. becasue it's my blog!

Also, there a more than a couple that don't have an easily accesible video online.. It's web 2.0 bitches..

Big Black Lincoln - Laura Gene
Arabesque - Stardust
Mic Life - Putes (XXX)

Classified - Find Out
Eternia - Love
Deesha - Falling In Love
Foundation - Turn It Up
Jordan Croucher f. Classified and Jay Bizzy - Feelin' Fine

Jhevon Paris - Lean 'n Floss
Malicious - Heatwave
Jay Bizzy - When The Evening Comes
Jenna Gawne - Change You
King Reign f. Saukrates - Guilty Party

Spesh K - Retirement Days
Rich London - The Answer
Cadence Weapon -Black Hand
Nate Skeeze - Ridin'
Swollen Members - Put Me On

I Dont Care - This is the best video.. why? cuz it gives the energy that all good music (including hip-hop) possesses.
Malajube - Montreal -40*C

and I don't care what u think.... but feel free to comment.

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