Last night, I had the opportunity to catch an impromptu show @ The Docks with the beautiful Joss Stone. I can't believe how young she is, 19 years old in a 6'2" frame w/ heels swaying across the stage in a beautiful dress with her nouveau colored red streaked locks. Really, she's been in the game for 3 solid years, 2 albums and holds her self very well, extremely well!

Guess who was in the band, Raphael Saadiq! Word is that the band has been practicing in the same complex over the past month. So you know that the show and the new album is going to be linked to new moments to remember. She previewed songs from the 'Introducing Joss Stone' album that features a Lauryn Hill vocal. The set ran approx. 1hr and the crowd walked away enjoying every minute of the show.

Album is dropping March 20th:


  1. Girls

  2. They Won't Believe It

  3. Headturner

  4. Tell Me 'Bout It

  5. Tell Me What We're Gonna Do (Featuring Common)

  6. Put Your Hands; Music (Featuring Lauryn Hill)

  7. In The Arms Of My Baby

  8. I Wish Intro

  9. I Wish

  10. Catch Me

  11. Baby, Baby, Baby

  12. Not Real Love

  13. What Were We Thinking?

  14. Music Interlude

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vibesandstuff said...

as far as i know saadiq produced the whole album.