Eat It Up Just Like a Tasty Cake!

Speaking with a new friend, we realized that food should take a top 3 priority in everyone's life. And when food is prepared well, it can substitue for plenty of the half ass indulgences we all are addicted to: TV, Internet, BF/GF, Whips, Streetwear, Kicks, Drugs, List goes on....

Enter Winterlicious, Toronto's 14 day restaurant showcase. I only let work pay for meals over $30 a plate. I'm too frugal, but the 130 eateries available are working on a fixed price menu between $15 -$35 for 3 course meals. Don't think that the locations are second rate, these locations are definitely the top of the line in the Dot's cuisine. Here's my picks if u want to be:

The Matignon Restaurant, based on the variety of meals you can create during Winterlicious at this maison des repas gives an added incentive to make this a goto spot. Not to mention how tucked away it is.. maybe bring the winter steady to this one.

Drake Hotel
Placed on the indie-cool strip of Queen St. W, Drake Hotel has become a landmark. It serves as a karaoke bar, lounge, boutique hotel and also the restaurant. Grabbing a bite here during W-Licious will save you $100 and give u the perks of the being in the place to be.

Anywhere in Yorkville there's an opp to be an impromptu paparazzi. Try:

  • Boba Restaurant on Avenue

  • Flow Restaurant + Lounge (night time if possible to take advatage of the mood lights)

  • Le Trou Normand for that country-side french vibe in Yorkvile (uugghhh - makes sense right?)

Shorty Seeking:
Spoon is a nice spot to grab an eat, parlay over to the lounge and meet some cute patrons. Then possibly do shots of patron. King St. is a great place to look for that new guy/lady. Takes some refinement to move of rich/adelaide to King. And when they do, you'll be there. take a look at the WL menu.

Lure Restaurant is something very different. I think it's a good choice if you want to keep the profile low and still be close to a busy yorkville or Yonge area. The selection is not limited to the miniscule Winterlicious fare. They are offering the tops from their normal menu. Check the list out.

I'm going to check more than one of my picks and probably be forced to enjoy restaurants outside of my comfort zone.. but rest assured my digi and belly will do the typing.

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