Youtube vs. Lily Allen

I've been a fan of Ms. Allen for a minute. So I was directed to youtube to see her cute MTV 'Discover & Download' Spots. There's a few of them and I love the screaming Lily Allen.. It reminds me of someone in my office.

Lily on Fashion

Lily On Guys

Lily's Boob

Lily makes me Scream!

Lily on Body Image

Since I'm on a Lily Kick, the Deluxe People decided to redo her videos in squirrel mode.. enjoy!
Smile - Pitched Up!

LDN - Pitched Up!

Littlest Things - Pitched Up!

If you are canadian, you don't have to wait 2 weeks because her album is out. And there might be a concert coming mid-Feb!!! I hope... Other thann that she's playing SXSW. After completing the blog this feels like an awkward shrine....

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