Northern Tech

I'm gonna put it in the air... GHETTO-Tech is stepping up this year. And because of this, there's gonna be some different forms that will provide some really great music. I've found 2 dope acts that I'm in complete support of, I doubt that they are completely ghetto tech but their style will be lumped in with the electro based DJs that are open to the dopeness.

My boy Sase put me onto this sound. It seems that Diplo has championed this Toronto team. Alanna & Pho have something that's Favela Grime. I need to hear more.. cuz it's that joint!

Isis is a bad bitch on the vocals & Graham is tending to the production. Take in their myspace. And look out for the shows... The TH has stepped all over North America in the fall.. put the word out to let the promoters know, this is next.

I'm noticing similarities.. but I'm gonna let it slide just based on the dope music being made.


Anonymous said...

bonjay vs thunderheist!!!

Safari said...

That would definitely be fire!!