Your Parent's Should Have Told U...

About the Bird & the Bee, you need to take this one in. The duo of Inara George & Greg Kurstin put together light jazz vocals with electronic pop beds. If someone can tell me which one is the bird or bee, it would make things so much easier for me. The self titled album will be out at the end of the month. Hopefully it can avoid the bootrippers. When u pick this album up, you'll think the duo are lying about how they provide this album with the air of ease. I went thru it, loved it, but my caveat is that it feels brief being a 10-track effort.
For anyone that is on the House, Dance, All-night dancing wearing Prada and wearing skinny pants.. take the promo mixes of my pick off the album - F*cking Boyfriend. I swear female vocalist are coming correct lately!

Ohhh .. DJ Mehdi is gona be remixing Joss Stone's debut single off her new album 'Introducing Joss Stone'. Parisian Electro Heat!

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