WL Review #1

Did you seriously think I wouldn't get my WL upates in? I'm about my grub, just went outside my picks due to peer pressure.

The venue was Flow in Yorkville. I'm not a fan of Villains in the Ville'age, just being on the road all day made me want to enjoy some eats so I decided to slip on my soft shoes and take off my baseball hat. Walking in, I was greeted well and after a minor reservation fumble, I was led to the table for 8 solo. Awkward, but I make it work, bon soir bourgeois!

After taking a minute to wait for my people and the service giving us more than enough time to make up our mind from a select menu. I got the following, and it was all sharp and flavourful.

Yellow Potato Gnocchi

Seared Miso Chicken

Flow Ambience (notice mojito)

Ate the Cheesecake way to fast for any pictures.

Overall this place is worthy of the hype it recieves. Nice spot, food is above average, my homegirl says avoid the plantain rolls, don't get seated on the dance floor, and you should be good.

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