Jeans After Virgins

Here we are again, recouping from another Tuesday night. It just doesn't seem like the weekend can par, even though I caught Peer Pressure at the Drake and a great 4Korners set at D'luxe on Sat. Digressing, so, a great breakthrough in phone contracts. We are now free! In Canada you can now transfer your telephone # to other service providers. Really dope!

To celebrate this overdue feature, as well as the 2nd year anniversary of the Virgin Mobile Canada launch, Richard Branson's folks threw a party... early! Food & Drinks we're covered by the xtreme billionaire.

There was a celeb that knows about moving his apparatus around.

After getting loaded, in the spirit of the guy behind Galactic Tourism, I headed to Ultra to show some love for TFW with the Hudson Jeans & Topless California runway show. The beautiful models made the jeans do the damn thing! So as a dude, ladies get those denims and the Topless Cali will have the salivating men line up to make you really topless. The cut is snug and the fabric is uber-natural. I dropped a sample on my sister and she put it in her starting line-up.

Thinking the night is done? Nope! Budo was the final resting place. But not before we got served.

Shouts to WRG, Imperial/Caccia, Get Janet, and definitely Richard Branson!

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