Service @ Sette

Driving on Bathurst St. on a Friday between Lawrence & Eglinton in Toronto is very homogenous. If you don't believe me, go for a spin. It's a like a scene from the Fiddler on the Roof.

Regardless of the community, I was prepped for a chowdown courtesy of my homey's 30+ b-day @ Sette Mezzo on Eglinton. When I think Eglinton, I'm looking for rice & peas, provisions and some gravy that takes you back to yard! Well, here's a new Eglinton West experience, Italian fare in a Jewish community.

I could have done a crazy review being that there were 25 participants in the sitting, but I kept it between thos who were in my relative area. I took a look at the menu and was quickly prompted by the staff that Bruschetta & Pizza were not available. Weird, who rations bread products? So I skipped the appetizer and went for the Rigatoni Chicken & Mushroom.

Not a bad shot, but it's sitting just above mediocrity. The serving was filling, the rigatoni was acutely al dente and the chicken was thorough with taste. The sauce keep the moistness together and ultimately the food was enjoyable.

The major selling point came from our host Pepe, who ensured that anything that we wanted to do to adjust the meals was more than attainable. Amanda, ordered the Pollo Con Limone, which consisted of grilled chicken breast with a white wine cream sauce. Now check the addition at no extra cost we threw some scrimps(above) on that meal! Someone was full even before taking on the side of salad, that I got the pleasure of finishing.

By this time I was ready to call in the final assumptioin for Sette, but then came the dessert. Not on the menu, but I found that the tiramisu accompanied with fresh sliced apples, oranges, grapes and cantelopes was so good it was cleaned off by my co-diners.

Make sure that you check out this restaurant if you are in the locale. I have no major quams. The price is reasonable, the attention to details is adequate, the servings are liberal and the service is beyond personable. Bellisimo.

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