Written All Over My Tee

This T-shirt game is sooo intricate nowadays, but a crude t-shirt will always win. Remember the black bart series from the early 90's? What was that all about, the hybrid version of Public Enemy and Fox TV? Anyhow, I came across a graveyard of graphic tees @ T-Shirt Hell. Here's my list of the top 5 out of all the scrolling. I might be exposing my crusty sense of humour. Guess what, I care not!

5. Everyone has thought about killing someone, this brings the humour to the awful thought.

4. I like fat girls. I like the outdoors. This graphic puts two of my genuine loves together with a timeless philosophical query and my answer is a hysterical YES! 3. This is just grody..muahahaha - but informative.
2. I had to place this one near to the top. There's a need to be aware of political stances in t his upcoming election for the Americans coming off of a perplexing dub-term with Dub-ya. Now who do you pick, the Bro or Hoe?

1. This graphic is the best, because being a fan and involved in the black music scene from a fine arts stand point the irony is fierce. Just think about it, many of the exceptional rappers from a fine arts perspective have taken hot metal shells as their letters.

I swear these Tees will get the attention you seek this summer. As for my hiphop heads, I swear I'll give u a good Tee concept, but if you print send me one for the inspiration. "U Don't Have 2B from Texas 2B Chopped & Screwed."

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