Someone has been on their grind lately, and I'm not one to big-up people just because they are in my unorganized circle of contacts. I've linked Lissa previously on AVFA, due to the digitization of her CDs, but now I'm noticing she is increasing her demand.

She might even be studying Taoism due to her constant flux in regards to her monikers. The most recent being Lissa Monet that is featured on Vol. 009 of Play As You Go! on Podomatic. Always featuring new pre-smash and hidden gems get your iTunes up and grab the past 9 'casts. Load them in your mobile mp3 machine and go look for something white to wear this weekend and tell me how the jam goes, cuz Lissa will be spinning live at Wayne Warner's All White Affair. I'm not trying to spend my Europe money on Veuve with the homies.

There's also a facebook group too, for those exposed to the evil.

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