Sunday Nite (W)Rap

I have to drop my 2cents for these award shows, especially when it's at home. I was absent to the Stylus predictions. But I believe that all the DJs deserved an award just based on their ability to stay true. Back to the MMVAs, we all getting dressed down. I copped my Stabs @ Livestock and my cap @ Ransom so I'm ready to kick it this weekend. So I only care about Hip-Hop.. true... so let's recap and rate.

Someone from TwoThreeFive throw a party and invite me..

And the nominees for the MuchVibe Best Rap Video are...

Belly f. Ginuwine
Label:CP Records/Fontana North
Director: RT!

notes: they spent the money, nothing spec-tac. girls I have met in body paint under black light. Oh and the Hulkster and She-Hulk... umm Elgin Lumpkin on the hook. That's it! Please don't win, Cristal cases can't get an award.

Find Out
Label: Half Life/Urbnet
Director: harv
Producer: Davin Black

notes: Good concept for the video. Breaks down the universal appeal for Classified's music and shooting the vid in Toronto versus the hometown maritime vibe gets me down on the video. But I'm not mad at this one, just not a sure winner.

Make It Hot
Label: Maxamus Ent./Koch
Director: RT!
Producer: Davin Black

notes: My bredren gave me some talk when I was drunk about the aesthetics of this video and the concept and mod appeal vs. modern music.. blah blah blah. I love the different look and the song is hotter than you percieve. JDiggz you are my dark horse(no homo).

ELEctrik Heat - the seekwill
Label: EMI
Director: The Love Movement f. K-os, Micah Meisner & Zeb Roc Munir
Producer: Natalie Galazka
Production co: The Love Movement, Revolver Film Company

notes: Muchmusic hates him, his label has his back. Only major in this category... this could be the suspect winner that we all expected. I want to see the rep from k-os alcohol sponsor or Zanta to pick up the award.. if he wins.

Point Blank
Born And Raised In The Ghetto
Label: Tilt Rock Records
Director: Marc Andre Debruyne
Producer: John Nadalin
Production co: Blink Pictures

notes: Independent done well. Other videos by Point Blank prove that they have great visuals to back up their detailed lyrics. This should win to prove 2 things, that great videos by independents (outside of Alexisonfire) can win and Much hates k-os. btw it's all about Imperial's literature.

P.S. they got widgets on the website..

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Safari said...

Congrats to Cristal & Mr. Lumpkin. Indies take note!