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Mhedikc Foundation

This could be percieved as a total biased write-up for those who know. I'm definitely that guy who takes an unbiased approach when t comes to speaking on music. It's way too easy to break something down that took so long to build. So let's get into this guy they call Mhedikc.

I have no clue where the ID came from, but dude is a surgeon on the mic. I've been on plenty a road trip with this guy, so there's been plenty of time to reason. Most recently was May 2006, and I popped in a local emcee for us to take in and we were wildin about the quality level of the rapper. After a couple repeats of track 13 we got into Mhedikc's rhyme patterns. Cuz I've always felt his demo tracks, but I doubted everyone got how dope they were. It's too complex to breakdown.

There seems to be a demand for this raw spitters presence to expand beyond the black hole of T-Dot creativity. Some may have peeped his features on Fantasia's Hoodboy remix. Or maybe on his debut video verse on 'Turn It Up' alongside Foundation members Jahvon, Lincoln and Rochester. Some may have caught his liveness trowing Heinekens in the crowd across Canada opening for the likes of Obie Trice and Young Buck. If you can really take it back slightly you tasted his entreprenurial experience as the founder of Hoodies & Timbs and Hoodies and Teez concerts in 2002(me thinks).

Backed by the Tone Mason sound it lays the groundwork to smash speakers around the internuts and beyond. Here's 2 offerings from Above.

What They Want - Produced by Tone Mason (Mhedikc says EQ This!)

Pull Up (RMX) - produced by Boi-1da

More canadian drops to come.

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