Discover, then Rediscover

Wale 100 Miles & Runnin

Maybe you are looking at this post and thinking, Wale has been putting work in, or who the hell is he, or I read The F. Oh well, when I find a track that is butter in today's 'I Can't Believe It's Not Butter' world, I immediately immerse myself in the artist and pass judgement. I can bump Wale!

Originally passed off as another attempt to be a Lupe / Cool Kid, I noticed that there is a street element without embracing any of the predictable items of the struggle. Now being on the list of the subtle producer of the year Mr. Version - Mark Ronson is probably a solid vouch for future movement. So check my standout track off Wale's '100 Miles & Running' Mixtape by Nick Catchdubs - Rediscover Me.

Btw, for the Entourage viewers, check episode 2 of Season 4 where they're playing Wale's 'Ice Cream Girl' at Vinnies welcome home party. The only show that still inspires me.

Download the rest of the Mixtape by clicking below.

Wale 100 Miles & Runnin

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