I Gotta New Crush

Tegan and Sara, originally uploaded by [_naomi_] <3 [t&s].

Don't know how, I think it's their hair. Tegan & Sara's music has always been proper, it gets the run alongside Le Tigre and Santogold for me. When they came in on soundscan properly in late August it looks like I caught the vapors. Every girl I've been around I'm asking if they could see their hair cut like Tegan & Sara's. I wonder if they are fine that I couldn't tell which of the twins is Tegan or Sara. Anyhow check the video for "Back in your Head".

P.S. I know they play in their own sandbox(not a pun).
P.P.S.This is a big Bad Harsh line in the song, "I"m not unfaithful, but I stray" brraaappp!!!

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