WAD Magazine

WAD Magazine, originally uploaded by glamabella.

Rarely, you jump into a magazine and never want to put it down ever. I probably had that experience with Vibe #3, Complex, maybe early XXL and there was this one men's edition of Zink. It's happened again on an airport stop, I was peering oversomeone's shoulder to see why someone would be reading a yellowpages thick mag. Recognizing the heat, the inquiry began.

The entire WAD magazine was deep enough to distract me from everything, even my poutine, and cold poutine is not a good look. Like an idiot, someone hasn't ran into the World's Biggest Book Store to get his own copy the website had to be checked out and thoroughly, it's dope.

This magazine is the truth and doesn't hide from it's experiences. Stretching from Glam to Grillz, it covers the club scene, enviro-awareness and stoopid hot photography. This is the new age Vogue, cuz I can't get over the thickness of this dope quarterly.

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