VMA Wrap-Up!

alicia-keys-mtv-vmas-99-3, originally uploaded by thelifefiles.

Let's get Britney out of the way, I missed it. Never checked the youtube or whatever. Now here are the notes:

  • Alicia Keys needs to be bred, she's looking too healthy (4get the Donna Summers look)
  • Mark Ronson made the show by letting his band play most of Versions under the radar
  • Wale performed his D.A.N.C.E. dub
  • Beyonce looked like caramel Jello
  • Best Female should have been anyone but Fergie-Ferg
    *Especially up against N.Furtado, Bey, Rhi, and Wine-O
  • Best Video was Justice! even tho someone else won


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