2007 : The Replacement Year

First things first, I was not, am not a big fan of 2007. There's like 10hrs left where I'm living and I just want it to be wrapped up. It seems that this year was trying for a lot of people. Even the veterans.

There used to be staples in the game that are considered to be the folks that aren't going anywhere. Well, 2007 changed it up. We got some new folks in town. Welcome to what I like to call The Replacement Year.

Thunderheist bellyJully Black, Belly, J Diggz < Bonjay, Thunderheist & The Carps:
Seriously, if you haven't been up on it, te great new artists are making it happen through Myspace, imeem, and the rest of the social networks that make great music accessible to fans without the constriants of major label. And then guess what, the fans come out and support in a genuine way. Artists cut your ties and go for SELF!

Throwback Dance PartyTime Capsule Parties < Dance Parties:
It seems really simple, but getting thrown in a time capsule for 5 hours every week for a different decade is not that hot once you go through the routine and press repeat. Instead can't we get live based on the fact you want to release your monkey?

Music Videos LiveMusic Videos Channels <>

G-Unit Fool's Gold RecordsG-Unit < Fool's Gold Records:
Hmm, 50 and his band of thuggin, boppin, NY Geez are hiphop to the fullest ... WORD or Ge-Ge-Ge-Gee-You-Nit. Pass your young buck guys and make rom for Fool's Gold and all their affiliates. One of those affilies is actually Kanye West, not bad huh? But this is far from aid, we are working with Kid Sister, Kid Cudi, Kavinsky, Jokers of the Scene, Cool Kids.

Boutique > Big Box:
Shopping is a fact of life, well maybe not for the lamers. Peep the spots that have less selections, but higher quality in pieces to get those stand out pieces for your closet. Other than that, you're catching pieces in larger stores that make larger orders nationally, therefore, you are now being assimilated.

Mixtapes ZshareMixtapes < ZipFile:
You know that feeling when someone gives you a "MixCD". "Dude, upload that!" Now all the drivers have to upgrade the audio game in the whip, that's all

In summary, I definitely forgot to get into a couple things that popped up this year, like the dopeness of Toronto FCand Xbox Live 360 or on the other side the Hip-Hop Identity Crisis(Am I Dead, Alive or in a Coma??). Something else irked me, Facebook has now provided a non-valid stamp of approval, ughh deal with ya neighbour, lurk not. One last thing, In 2006 please, please, please go out and enjoy yourself based on your personal taste. No point in enjoying somebody sloppy seconds, unless that's your taste. Enjoy your '08!

P.S. There was a syntax malfunct on 1st post. apologeez

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Duane Watson said...

I'll try not to panic, but 2008 is already becoming replacable, lol.