Original Canadian Sound Man

Oscar Peterson
Happy Holidays, it's been sporadic lately... where's the inspiration? Well, here's some for an unfortunate note for a festive time of year. Hopefully, the sad news about the passing of Canadian Jazz pioneer Oscar Peterson can put life in perspective for anyone that needs the motivation. Check the Vitals:

Oscar Peterson (wiki)

  • 15 August 1925 – 23 December 2007

  • Montreal, Canada

  • Composer / Pianist

  • 200+ Albums, 7 Grammys (including Lifetime Achievement), Canadian Music / Juno / Canadian Jazz & Blues Hall of Fame.

  • Has a school with his namesake.

I tend to put some focus on canadian artists. I'm a fan of urban music, so many of the acts I choose are skewed towards a minority representing the music. Unfortunately, the curve for success isn't always that apparent from home, so with that in mind, Oscar Peterson is so nescessary to cover after his passing. I wouldn't want to take anything away from other artist who have passed, but the pioneers paved the path for the future stars.

This man has dropped out of High-School, beat that Kanye! He has played his role in numerous bands and had been plucked to the Big Apple at 24 to play for the Jazz at the Philarmonic. Shortly after, the Oscar Peterson Trio was born. Many forms of this group have been manifested with various members. Taking a look at the accomplishments look fairly pedestrian, until you think that this was achieved by a Canadian blackman in the 50's. Has there been such a musical ambassador of colour since?

This is a just a tribute as much as a reminder to aspiring artists that think that the hardships are immense. I mean, we are looking at pre-Factor/government funded music programs. Also, this is all done with the talent of instruments with the ambition to collaborate. I can go on, but all blessings to the family of The Original Sound Man. Check the flossing pic and the youtube w/ Ella Fitzgerald.

Oscar Peterson

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