Skankin Contest

I've been throwing this "Electro" word around anywhere I could in my daily life, it didn't even have to make sense. ex:

  • That weed cookie was electro.

  • Ohh, that's electro-hop.

  • That's an electro chick for sure, she's wearing American Apparel.
Anyhow, when talking music, I'm guessing that anything that can be plugged-in is electric. Therefore, it's easy to distinguish an electro sound. But when the sounds are only digital and the acoustic is missing, not to mention heavily processed. That's possibly when we get to the ELE. This is when we start talking about King Jammy

Reggae is heavily based in live instruments with amazing engineers. Jammy was able to take the direction of the electric programming, and the rest is dancehall history. I really want to shine some light on another blog that I regularly frequent for their reggae history & mixes. Today, I caught a deep surprise when they spotlighted King Jammy and his Sleng Teng riddim. So take in the post and 36mins of Skankdelicious original electro bounce.

Bonus: Cutty Ranks on the Sleng Teng riddim live for the PNP Election rally 1986. Beat that Obama/Clinton!!

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