Lucky Sevens

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Lissa hit me with a viral game of blog-tag, so I'm running to touch 7 bloggers. As well, I'm supposed to drop the rules:

Rules: Simply link to the person who has tagged you, share seven weird things about yourself, tag seven bloggers to do the same and include a link to their blog, let each person know that they have been tagged and finally post the rules on your blog.

These are the bloggers I know:
Plaeboi|Jennilee|Offshoot|Eh Team DJs|Del|Sweets|LeslieWRG!

7 Weird Things of Safari
  1. I will watch soccer for hours on end, especially if these teams are playing: Real Madrid|Arsenal|Ajax
  2. I think I'm accident prone, considering I have a recurring chipped tooth, a current black-eye and a prostethic elbow.
  3. I am a human GPS system. I can memorize streets, directions, alternate routes in any city I touchdown in. Currently in the system there is Toronto, London|UK, Kingston|JA, NYC, Vancouver, Miami, Montreal.
  4. I have driven across North America 2wice,
    Toronto - Whistler & Miami - San Francisco
  5. I have been know to drop a tear watching soccer.
  6. Here's a weird one, I once waited as a kid to meet Mr. T at a local Toys'R'Us, that homo boogied before I got to him. And you ask why I'm bitter
  7. Hopefully, this is a good one to finish with. I don't believe in paying for ice. You know the gas station ice that is locked in that freezer. Instead, if I'm having a get together or know imma be getting my drank on, I'd take a garbage bag and hit up the local Marriott and get plenty of ice!

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