I have a belief that everyone has this untapped potential for greatness. The only thing is that lameness is easily achieved. Here are 2 acts of lameness. 1 major and one local.

1. Anyone with a camera around Britney Spears. Come on, this is just ridiculous. If you were to hang around Big Otis from your block's house during his domestic dispute, Lord knows you'd catch a hot one. Papparazzi is one thing, but it looks like there are 200 of them stalking this girl to the hospital. UPS is hiring!

2. The Hate!:
This next clip is of Trixx, a Toronto comedian/DJ/college radio host on stage @ Yuk Yuk's Comedy Club. I can speak from experience that this guy will make you laugh. Here's the lame-ocity. He takes a rant about "Fuck FLOW 93.5", local commercial radio. He continues to list off names of employees of the station and sends them a large F Bomb. The girls are sluts, the guys are dickheads, the playlist is corny, hate - hate - hate. My question is as a comedian do you think this can go on the road? Is this a worthy use of time on the stage? Do people even care about the people you're calling out? At least get TMZ style on these folks and youtube the real dirt. Anyhow, don't be a lame, you're killin ya self.

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max said...

Ha ha ha this post killed me.
I saw this video and I laughed but didn't really give it much thought.
But you're right though. That was kinda weak sauce (I just learned that word today) stilllll.