Now Who's Famous?


Up north rap, you know those Canadian cats I represent so unsuccessfully. Well here's another that needs the deserved shine. Ashton or as we should know from now on as Famous. If you're out on the town in Toronto, Famous is no stranger being involved with many hip-hop related events. In dealingwith him he's always been humble and extremely hilarious. But more importantly, with his rhymes he's always kept secluded.


Here's the releases. That Kid Famous drops witty lyrics that make a complete mockery of the state of Hip-Hop without effecting his style or delivery. "I'm a kid from the suburbs" is heard on mostly every track, and he has no problem using himself as a source of humour. Take it all in and skip back for those lines that will have you rolling in comparison to those BET stars of 2day. On his myspace page, you can grab both zip files for his "Wanna Be A Rapper" and "1-800-DAMN-HE'S-NICE ft. Cipha Sounds" mixtapes. Keep diggin' for the goodness.

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it doesnt matter who said...

that niqqa famous!