Canadian DJs Play My Song... Please

Welcome to 2008, this is the age where the Macbook Air has been unveiled without any optical drives. In english no CD/DVD drives. So my question in regards to music is why do the labels press vinyl? The same way we watch the The Grammys, nostalgia. It's like It's a Wonderful Life around Christmas. Anyhow, check Jully Black's latest video featuring a slew of Toronto DJs. I'm not mad at it creatively or the song. But the aspects of the medium is just a valid rep of how folks are thinking. The DJs that are making the most noise in the past 2 years are not using vinyl. I'm not gonna list noone, but if you are up on things you know the movements. Anyhow, I'm ranting because I'm down with the abilities of all the DJs in this vid and one of them es mi scenesta negra. Enjoy!

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