Smorter Than Your Average

Blogging Pay Pal

So how long have you been on the internets and just messing around? I can say a decade, and there are more enroute. It's time to spend at least 20-30mins to get your income adjusted. I got called about checking out a website that throws cheese at bloggers. Hmmm , interesting, I'm not one to turn down paypal transfers. So I signed up and going to get it started with Smorty.com a blog advertising co. and I'm going to be have my eyes on a rather dormant paypal acct of mine. It's not like you won't be blogging for the rest of your life right? So get with a way to generate income for doing what you already do. Karen said go ahead switch your style up, and if they hate let 'em hate and watch the money pile up! Don't you see those shiny bills being held by the big smile? Time to get paid to blog.

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