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Celia Cruz

I must say that for me, recognition of beauty comes before actual talent. But when a striking lady proves her ability to entertain as a vocalist from the late 1940s up until her passing, you have to stop and give a definite salute! Hola Senora Celia Cruz

Hailing from the sunny shores of pre-communist Cuba, Celia grew up with the diverse influences of the island that hosted a gangsters paradise. Starting to sing for daily broadcast radio before joining the Sonora Matancera orchestra for a 15 year stint travelling throughout latin america. During the political switch that immortalized Che Guevara and the recently resigned Don Castro, some would think the civil issues would affect the art, but for Celia, this didn't slow her down. She progressed to recordong 8 albums with Cuban great Tito Puente. The recording bug has just begun, because she was steady dropping albums with various Latin backing outfits.

Seriously, this woman has dropped an accomplishment or two. She was able to establish herself as one of the great entertainers of the caribbean, push the sound of Salsa to the masses. Forget about Antonio Banderas or Marc Anthony or Daddy Yankee. This is a pioneer. Check her Wikipedia, a discography that dates from 1958 to 2003. Respect the Godmother of latin music!

Grab some Rice & Beans and indulge in an Celia Cruz album:
Negra Tiene Tumbao

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