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The celebration of the canadian music is upon us. It's usually an excuse to get outside of your city to hang with artists and music industry folks. Lately, the bar tabs have decreased to drink tickets, so if you're not a real live fan/groupie, boogie east of Calgary!! Anyhow, I like rap and a couple other things so here's my rundown of things I expect from the 2008 edition of the Junos.

Best Rap Recording:
    Money can't buy you happiness, but it could possibly getyou a Juno.. muahahaha.. If videos win this category then pass it to the prophet.
  • Brassmunk - THE FEWTURISTIC:
    Ummm it was a good alum. Did you kow it was released?
  • Classified - FALL FROM PARADISE:
    Can we finally give it to this guy!! I'm really mad. It's been like 11 albums later and he packs venues around Canada, where the Junos are handed out, with rabid fans of his recordings.
  • Marco Polo - PORT AUTHORITY:
    Went to school with this hustling producer I can see his brilliant works being looked over because his hip-hop is appreciated on the early 90's level. College, exactly the good ol days, makes sense right?
  • Shad - THE OLD PRINCE:
    I didn't check it, wamp wamp.. heard good things about his tour with Classified

Skratch Bastid

Hopeful Mentions

  • Holy Fuck - Alternative Album of the Year going up against Arcade Fire and my crushes Tegan & Sara.
  • Chromeo's Fancy Footwork is nominated with a bunch of no names for Best Dance Recording, this band is the answer for world peace and hooking up
  • Skratch Bastid's work with Buck 65 is up for Producer of the Year vs. the legendary Bob Rock, Yikes!!
  • The R&B and Reggae categories are ass.
  • Congrats to Leslie Fiest for making true music and getting rewards at home and away.
  • Ohh and Russell Peters is hosting the event... this guy is genuinely funny, can't wait!

Russell Peters

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