Due Credit

Wale Mixtape About Nothing

There's two schools I came from, 1) Money can buy anything 2) Good Credit is as good as money. Both are true, but since Lil' Kim spoke "Money, Power, Respect" and knowledge is power I got something to share. Whether, you're looking at a cell phone, plane ticket, whip or apartment credit is a major factor. Word to Biggie (R.I.P.), "The cot damn credit forget it" proves that it only works for folks that have protected and invested in their credit status.

Forget about getting your hands on a financial tool that you'll regret. Hre's a site that can protect you from acquiring a bad credit card. There are options out there, so take a click trip on the image below to find a destination to research credit repair, personal loans, car loans and credit information. I know exactly where your coming from, we all lived that bad credit situation, so this site provides the best options for the lower FICO scorers. just remember Kanye said "My credit was so bad I could get a debit", there's hope still!

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