Wale Gets The John Hancock

Wale Mixtape About Nothing

That is a very suspect post title, but hey, that doesn't matter. Just Blaze's blogging hiatus is over with talks of upgrades but he has dropped this gem that fully interests me. More than likely because I've been boosting Wale for the past year. Well here's an AIM convo that he posted between the Awesome Two.

W: I just signed my deal 10 min ago
J: get outtttt
J: with who??
W:So I wanted to formally let u know…ur the 2nd person I’ve told…1st was my mamma
J:im posting this conversation on my blog lol
W:That’s to let u know how much I wana make music
J:who tho?!
W:With the best in the game
J:congrats man congrats
J:this guy being vague over here
W:I signed to the Machine
W:U can’t tell anybody who until tommorow
J:no probl
W:But ill tell u *******
J:where are u annoucing nit
or when
u said 2moro?
W:Tonight at home in dc
at a party? radio?
and congrats agian man
W: Radio
And im sayin just blaze is gonna be all over it

Big congratulations on this side I've heard about the bidding war since November and some A&R contacts have giving me the heads up that his asking price was steadily climbing. So now it's a done deal! Let's get that music!!!!

and who do you think he's signed to?
The Answer Is!

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