A Night In

I'm not sure the last time you took a trip to put some money on the line, but it's usually not the sexiest environment. This is where some business folk provide a chic option to get people to feel wealthier than they are so they can spend the extra chips. Literally, I've spent over 5 years of my nightlife chasing girls in expensive outfits week after week. It was reminiscent of the Bill Murray staple Groundhog Day. I'll admit the amount of cake I spent was enough to place in other directions of entertainment. I heard Thailand can get it popping for cheap, but if travelling isn't an option log onto an online casino. Since there's a plethora of these springing up like rabbits let the filtering be done by the experts. Throw the microwave dinner in, pour a glass of vodka soda, throw that plastic down and hit the digital craps of your deduction.

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