People Don't Dance No More All They Do Is This...

UK music scene is all love. I'm not sure if I get with it because I spent time on that side of the Atlantic, or maybe I admire the way that they use pirate radio to shape the urban landscape of music. I know for a fact it isn't for the chicks. So I stay intouch with the key folks and 1Xtra radio to check the pulse on the regular. Every now and then you hear something from the eskimo-boy Wiley.

Wiley Grime Rolex Sweep

I was put onto Wearing My Rolex around 2 weeks ago as the new scenester anthem of the UK. I actually can get with the track, it's like a ode to early 90's dance music and stuntin for the huns. At the same time I was put onto the refix with Skepta of the Boy Better Know team called Rolex Sweep. Can I get a BAM BAM? Not without learning there is a dance move that you can see on the video below at 4:15. Ayyyy Macarena!

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it doesnt matter who said...

omg Wearing My Rolex is my SHIT!
im going to run it at the next Label Whore.
*singing* What do we do....sometimes we drink, sometimes we smoke, sometimes we bubble...lolz
[whatev if i didnt get the words right]