Stepping Up

Step Your Blog Game Up

It usually come the time to get your blog game together and get hosted. I've been doing this joint for over two years(geez) and haven't really seen the reason to take it beyond the blogspot life. In hindsight, there was probably a time that A View From Above should have been dot-com'd and hosted. Not that easy when you think about it, but if you plan to look for the best web hosting then take the right methods. There's resources to make your choice easier. We all want to make choices that doesn't haunt the simple bloggers.

Finding solutions like themes for the blog application that you are using can readily be found as well, to give your personal flavour visually to where the darts are thrown. Whether you work on Blogger, Wordpress or Textpattern you can grab your themes and dump them into your page. The game plan is way easier than you may think but take your time and step it up to the next level.

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