In Case U Missed It.. Black Rob

I'm tired, but I can't sleep. It could be the obvious reasons, but where this post is concerned I'm going to blame this one on the Brooklyn syndrome. Never heard of it, well I just made it up. It's when a rapper becomes so successful that anyone that follows in the footsteps will be immediately faced with the "he aint like so-and-such". I believe that happened to everybody at Bad Boy records.

Brief history of Bad Boy, Craig Mack was the first MC to get notoriety. Biggie featured on his Flava in Ya Ear remix. Now in between Biggie and the next group of Bad Boy artists were all R&b. Total, Faith Evans(I love her dearly, amazing heart with amazing live show.) and 112. On come's Mase sans Killa Cam, jiggy. Next The LOX ask if you think they're jiggy, even though the album is thorough. Another album via Mason Betha. A notorious from the grave album and then here comes the goods. Shyne, G-Dep and Black Rob in an 18 month span. Street-ish is back right... well not when ur still jocking Biggie, when talented MC are still doing their thing. All praises due to the ones who have passed on, because if it wasn't for them gargantuan budgets for videos amazing production dope rappin and really bad hooks. If u get a chance pick up Black Rob's "Life Story" & Rob Report". Black's as real as they come.

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