The Lost Art of Slow Dancing

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My last post got a little passionate. had to cut it short. This one will be the shorter. I was involved in a a conversation with a 19yr old about going out dancing etc.

I asked him if he's ever slow-danced before. Answer was no. My heart dropped for this stranger. WTF is going on, so when the rowdy music is playing until the lights come on, when do u mention those words in her ear. Ohh, it's cuz things are all physical nowadays. Physical is welcomed with balance. I don't know what happened, but I believe 1995 was the year we lost the slow-dance. Ladies, if u catch me around slow jams, lovers rock or damn even gypsy music, I will ask for that dance.

P.S. it has nothing to do with leading to sex or exchanging #s either. Tomorrow I wake up one day older, now I need to fall asleep.

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